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Bloggers Share The Hilarious Stories Behind Their Best Instagram Shots

posted by Courtney Jones May 9, 2016 15 Comments
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Have you ever wondered how some people always manage to capture the most amazing photos to post on Instagram? The funny thing about scrolling through an Instagram feed is that, as a mere viewer, you don’t usually think about the complex logistics that had to have gone into capturing the awesome shot you’re looking at. I’ve definitely done some ridiculously embarrassing things to try to capture an instagrammable moment.

While I can’t speak for everyone, I was confident I couldn’t be the only awkward person out there doing borderline crazy things in the name of a good photo. To prove it, I took to the internet and asked some of the bloggers in my network to share their stories behind some of their best Instagram photos.

For your enjoyment, here are some of the stories being the seemingly perfect Instagram shots.

Spinning Fire – Katie McIntosh


Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. #rumi #yesthisburned #butitcameoutcool #alohafriday 🔥🔥

A photo posted by Katie McIntosh (@katieshowblog) on

I had a vision for a fierce, empowering photo of myself standing in a trickle of fire so I went out before sunrise with a friend to get the shot. The thing is, this was a long exposure photo where I had to stand completely still for the shutter time – even a flinch would make the shot blurry. So there I am with getting sprayed with actual fire on my back while I have to stand completely still and one amber lands right above my bikini and gets caught there. I feel it burning into my skin but had to remain really still until we got the shot!

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Alone on the Brooklyn Bridge – Aditi Mayer

  New on Old city, young spirit. 🎈   A photo posted by ADITI MAYER || ADIMAY (@aditimayer) on

Aditi posted this amazing shot of the Brooklyn Bridge. If you find it hard to believe that she managed to be alone in such a popular place, you’re on the right track! Not pictured: Approaching biker and confused crowd.

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A Colourful VW – Shobha George

There are lots of VW Beetles in the UNESCO heritage town of Ouro Preto, Brazil. Its colonial character is preserved by the cobblestone streets which are tough on cars. These old Beetles are sturdy little cars that are perfect for the streets of Ouro Preto. As you can imagine, lots of the Beetles are not in great shape. I found this charming little red one speeding past me looking better than the rest I’d seen. I ran after it (chasing it up hill) and luckily got a shot of it while it was outside a yellow building. Result!

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A Painful Experience – Courtney Jones

This photo looks totally tranquil; just a girl floating around in some crystal clear tropical water, right? Well, not exactly. You’d never know it from this photo, but I was in a decent amount of pain. In order to get this shot, I jumped off a dive boat and proceeded to swim a solid distance to a lagoon area (hence the fins!) In the process, I accidentally swam over some sharp rocks which totally cut up my stomach, arms and legs. So painful.

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A Seemingly Casual Photo – Dave Brett

Tallinn is one of those places you have to get lost and explore. #tallinn #tallinnoldtown #visittallinn A photo posted by TravelDaveUK🌍✈️ (@traveldaveuk) on

The view point over looking Tallinn’s old town will take your breath away. For me that day it truly did, but not in the way you would imagine. After walking around for endless hours I managed to find the spot that many photographers love to use and asked my “Instagirlfriend” Tina to assist with capturing the ultimate old town Tallinn view photo. She was trigger ready with the shutter, as I jumped up to look all wanderlust and adventurous. Then I heard a big ripping noise coming from the back of my trousers.I slowly sat down bowing my head in shame and sort of just sat there on the ledge wondering what I should do for a while.That was the moment the picture was taken. Yes, I had indeed split my trousers and had to walk back to my hostel flashing my ass to all that could see.Thank you, old town Tallinn. At least the photo turned out great!

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Disguised by a Good Camera Angle – Vivian Lee

Mirror lake, Yosemite, California. #beautifulday #worldplaces   A photo posted by Vivian Dominique Lee (@littlemisshappyfeet) on

To take this photo of the Mirror Lake we had to pass a trail full of horse poop. It was pretty disgusting so we slowed down just to be extra careful not to step on one. Upon arriving, we saw another bunch of hikers from Canada. I couldn’t seem to find the “Mirror Lake”, so I asked them if them knew where it was. “It’s here! This is the mirror lake!” I looked around wide-eyed and they continued “Bummer, huh? We know, we are disappointed too. It is a seasonal lake so it dries up during the summer.” Since we were already there, we looked around for some shallow water and played around with camera angle. This is how we finally got a shot with a slight “Mirror” effect.

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A Misadventure with a SLR – Lynne Nieman

It was a windy day in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado which wasn’t that unusual, but it was exceptionally windy on this Sunday of Labor Day weekend. I had both my large format camera and my 35mm. The sun came up behind me, lighting the peaks in the background and I took a total of 3 shots. It was so windy that the light changed so fast due to the clouds. My cameras, on tripods, almost blew over due to the wind! I had no idea if I had gotten a decent shot. This was back in film days so I had to wait. When I got the images back I had this 1 that turned out. Just 1!! It’s one of my all time favourite images!!

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Octopus on the Butt – Katie McIntosh

When you’re about to get tako tan lines 🐵🐙 #takotuesday A photo posted by Katie McIntosh (@katieshowblog) on

This photo came out because I was holding the Octopus, about to take a photo with it, when he decided to latch on to my side and then squirm around to my backside. I was in the water trying to reach all the tentacles to move him back to the front (which resulted in a few candid photos that look like I am giving a water birth to the Octopus!) but he was just really settled there. My friend blurted out ‘well, we might as well get the booty shot’ and this is what resulted.

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Separated From Friends – Emily Kib

  climbing mountains is fun when you do it with your best friend🌿⛰   A photo posted by Emily | Adventures & Kindness (@adventuresandkindness) on

I took this photo while I was hiking with a friend. I stopped to take some pictures, but she kept going and I ended up losing her on the trail! I also tripped over a large rock that was behind me trying to get the best angle!

Follow Emily at Adventure & Kindness Travel or Instagram.  

Not So Relaxed – Courtney Jones

I knew I wanted to take this specific photo from the second I booked an experience at the Onsen Hot Pools. Instead of spending all our time lazing in the spa tub, I had my husband take an annoying amount of photos until I finally got the one I was after. He was a good sport about it all. This photo was totally planned, totally staged and totally the opposite of relaxed!

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Hammocks in the Rain – Katie McIntosh

My friend and I were laying in out hammocks before sunrise one morning taking photos and the clouds were giving the photos a really mystical vibe. That is until they moved over us and provided a downpour! We scurried to take down the hammocks, get all of our equipment and run to the car. We were laughing as we ran because even though we were drenched, we knew we got a cool shot!

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That Day I Fell Down Lombard Street – Noemi Espinosa

View from the top of Lombard Street in San Francisco. ❤️ . . #sanfrancisco #usa

A photo posted by Noemi (@pinayflyinghigh) on

I was too excited to see Lombard street as soon as we arrived in the area. So excited that as I got out of my Aunt’s car, I started taking photos of this crooked street in different angles and in the process, didn’t see the step in front of me. Next thing I know, my face is about an inch away from the ground with my arms and legs spread in all directions. After some time, I got up, brushed myself off with the dust from the ground and proceeded taking photos like nothing happened. I didn’t look back as I didn’t want to see how many people saw me fall. 

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A Rapidly Melting Ice Cream Cone – Alex, from Lost With Purpose

Definitely digging all of the saffron ice cream in Iran.

A photo posted by Alex and Sebastiaan (@lostwithpurpose) on

The temperature that day was approximately boiling, and the ice cream shop was several minutes away from the wall in the photo. I walked as quickly as possible, but the ice cream was rapidly melting… and I was starving! The cone looks picture perfect, but what you can’t see is that I’d already eaten the back half of the ice cream cone by the time the picture was taken.

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When You’re Not Actually Alone – Esther, from Trip to Adventure

Gorgy morning

A photo posted by Hess Gaia (@triptoadventureblog) on

The Loch Ard Gorge is a must-stop place when driving through the Great Ocean Road in South Australia. I saw several pictures before my trip and fell in love with the place. So, when we were there I really wanted a pic for my Instagram. Although those days the Great Ocean Road was full of people even the weather was shitty, I’m really grateful to my travel mate who was very patient and waited until she got a pic where I was alone in the Gorge 🙂 Love this pic 🙂

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Fireworks – Maggie Carlstorm

Here is one where (you can’t tell) but I am standing on the side of a bridge overpass, holding on to a lampost. My boyfriend had to take a TON of shots to get the lighting/focus/fireworks right haha. He’s always doing crazy things for me so that I can get a perfect shot.

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Bloggers Share The Hilarious Stories Behind Their Instagram Photos

What crazy stints have you pulled to get a great Instagram shot?

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