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Often, having the travel virus is not a question of financial means. We feel the need to explore the world, whether we have money or not. But how to travel on a small budget?

Some people have low resources, others temporarily go through a period of “budget restriction”: unemployment, big tile that falls on you engulfing the budget of holidays or beautiful project that requires to review its priorities. Still is it that you here is a challenge: how to go on a cheap trip ?

We asked the question because this year, we embarked on the great adventure of the first real estate purchase in the Paris region. Between the price of the apartment itself, the notary fees and the work, as well say that it does not stay as much as usual for travel. This requires being clever. For travel tips and tricks this is the best deal now.

Traveling on a small budget = do it as soon as possible

With a small budget, it is important to anticipate because with rare exceptions, prices tend to increase when you take it at the last moment. By booking your holidays in advance, you can often benefit from cheaper rates or small bonuses (for example, breakfast for the same price, etc.).

More and more sites are offering a price calendar system that makes it easy to find the periods that offer the best rates to the destination of your choice.

Price calendar

Also use the price comparison.

Go outside the busiest periods

Some periods of the year see prices increase considerably: July-August, the season of the Christmas markets in certain regions / countries, the New Year’s period, the bridges. It varies according to the destination but there are always times when you will pay a lot more for the same thing.

If you do not have children, it is often much more advantageous to leave in the late season (and the weather is still mild.). And if you have children, it can be interesting to enjoy the Easter holidays instead of the summer period.

Similarly, if your company allows you to leave with some flexibility, do not hesitate to leave midweek instead of waiting for Friday night or Saturday. It is often a simple way to travel cheap and feel like you’re leaving longer (this is also part of the advice I gave you to put down your leave).

Reduce “ancillary expenses”

Very often, the cheapest airlines catch up on the side of the trip : they make you pay the baggage in the hold (very expensive), the choice of seat, the smallest cup of coffee consumed in the plane … are not necessarily big expenses but put end to end, they can represent a non-negligible budget that it would be better to invest in your outings.

Learn to travel light, be flexible about choosing the seat if your flight is not too long, take your coffee at home before leaving. These are small concessions but when you have to travel on a small budget, you can keep your money for things with higher added value.


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